Pass Grade 5 Theory by Dorothy Dingle

Pass Grade 5 Theory by Dorothy Dingle
Dorothy Dingle's PASS GRADE 5 THEORY

Do you need to pass Grade 5 theory as soon as possible?
Never done any theory before?

All you need in one volume. - Dorothy Dingle's Pass Grade 5 Theory is packed with all you need to know to fast-track to success.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to music theory which is accessible to students of any age from 9 upwards. Primarily intended to meet the needs of students who need to pass the Associated Board Grade 5 theory examination, it also contains a wealth of useful material for students of Music and Music Technology at GCSE and A-level, including those who may not have had any formal musical training prior to starting their courses. The author has spent many years teaching music theory in schools and in private practice. This book is the product of that experience, and the material in it has been used successfully for a number of years with students of all ages from Year 6 to adult. It assumes no prior formal training in music theory.

Topics Covered:
Scales and Key Signatures
Note Lengths and rests
Time Signatures
Irregular Time Divisions
Introducing Chords
Describing Chords
Suggesting Chords for Cadences
Composing a Melody
Voices in Score
General Questions

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