Acu-Life Impact Noise Reducers (1 x pair ear plugs)
Noise reduction rating - 18 decibels. Improves listening pleasure. Reduces discomfort from loud impact music. Internal diaphragm blocks loud impulse sounds. Eliminates "plugged up" feeling. Our Price: £12.99

Benfleet Music Premium MicroFibre Cloth for all instruments.
High quality multi-purpose Microfibre cloth for use on all musical instruments. Our Price: £3.99

Chord Guitar Polishing Kit GPK3  (173.210UN)
Guitar polish spray bottle with cloth and free string winder. Our Price: £5.99

Chord Mini Clip-on LED Bullet Light  (410.402UK)
A very compact LED light with a clip to attach to lecterns, music stands etc. - 3 bright white LEDs.
Special Offer
Our Price: £1.99

Farley's JP  Deluxe Guitar Tool
This precision all purpose guitar tool is the last one you ever need to buy... Our Price: £19.99

K&M 19720 iPad 1 Holder - Suitable for 1st Generation iPad (SS)
Strength and stability! The mobile table stand for your iPad 1.
Special Offer
Our Price: £19.99

K&M 19750 iPad 1 Table Top Stand - Black (SS)
Strength and stability! The mobile table stand for your iPad 1.
Special Offer
Our Price: £19.99

K&M Power Magnet - zinc-plated - Single
Strong magnetic power - mini size, easy to use. Steel casing with K&M logo. Our Price: £1.99

Konig & Meyer 19855 Tablet Desk Top Holder - Black
With this elegant universal tablet stand made out of high sheen, deep black acrylic glass, your tablet has a prominent spot on your desk. Our Price: £14.99

Mighty Bright XtraFlex LED Music Light  - Silver (50412)
Adjustable gooseneck LED light with base clamp - ideal for reading sheet music.
Special Offer
Our Price: £5.00

Percussion Plus Clay Ocarina from Peru PP621
8 hole pottery ocarina with a hand painted colourful design. Our Price: £5.00

Servisol SUPER 10 Switch Cleaning Lubricant
Switch and contact cleaning lubricant that quickly removes tarnish and other deposits Our Price: £5.99

Stagg GIST-300 Foldable Guitar Stool & Stand
Combination instrument stand and stool. Our Price: £39.99

New Product
Stagg SCL-ACTR Super Clamp Accessory Tray
Accessory tray plate with anti-skid foam padding, attachable to any cymbal, microphone or music stand. Our Price: £14.99

TGI Chromatic Pitch Pipes - TG77
C to C Chromatic Scale. Plastic molded note selector. Our Price: £5.99

TGI Universal Tablet Holder  TGITH1
Adjustable Tablet Holder that will hold most digital tablets with its versatile C-Clamp mount Our Price: £12.99

Trevor J James MicroFibre Polishing  Cloth
High quality multi-purpose Microfibre polishing cloth for silver, gold and lacquer. Our Price: £4.50

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles
Helps keep a clear voice. Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are recommended to relieve irritation caused by excessive singing, speaking or smoking. Have you ever been in the middle of a performance and not been confident of hitting the next note? ... Our Price: £3.99