Brunswick BU4S Soprano Ukulele - Mahogany
These ukuleles are the point at which novelty stops and more serious musicality can begin. Each model features a mahogany top, back and sides and high quality geared machineheads and a great tone too
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Our Price: £49.00

Chord Native Series Sapele Soprano Ukulele with FREE Bag
The bodies of these unique ukuleles are crafted from woods native to exotic forest regions of the world. Each has a distinctive grain and figuring, with beautiful arched backs and an abalone shell rosette.
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Our Price: £39.00

Kinsman KMU10 Mini Stand for Ukulele
Foldable Ukulele Stand The Ukulele stand from Kinsman is a solidly constructed fold-up/fold down black metal framed stand with padded back and body supports so your instrument will not get scratched. Plastic feet also protect surfaces from scratching Our Price: £10.00